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The House

Heavenly is regarded as the most spectacular private home in Watamu. Styled top to bottom by a sought-after & celebrated South African interior design firm featured frequently in SA's House & Garden, Heavenly's fresh & modern feel sets it apart from other (usually more rustic) holiday homes in Watamu. If you are looking for a chic retreat, look no further.


Three stories set on 2 beachfront acres, Heavenly sleeps 13 with 5 bedrooms, a daytime lounge, an evening lounge, a shaded outdoor lounge, an office/studio, an art/reading room, a huge pool, 3 dining areas and 2 rooftop lounges. The staff includes a cook, a housekeeper, a "do-everything" guy and a night watchman. Use the menu above under "The House" to navigate through the tour. And be sure to see the sexy aerial video as well!

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