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Water-based actities. Oh, where do we begin?!

As soon as you enter Heavenly, you will be giddy with the realization that you have just landed in a massive marine park. Part of it is a world-renoved mangrove biosphere that will blow a birder's (or water skier's) socks off. The rest of it is spread out before Heavenly, begging you to come play. So what are you waiting for? CNN made a beeline: Check out its awesome segment on Watamu's watersports from April 2014!

Snorkeling & Scuba

Being in a marine park means lovely coral gardens with lots of fish. And the lucky will see turtles and sting rays too. Go with a responsible tour operator certified by the Watamu Marine Association, which keeps the activity sustainable (so you can come back again and again!) Scuba of course also available.

Dolphin & Whale Watching

Whale sharks, humpback whales, bottlenose & spinner dolphin are just a few of the water mammals seen close to Watamu, depending on the time of year. From October to April, boats are available to take folks out on short notice to see them. (In other months you may have luck seeing them from land.) Note that dolphin and whale watching tour operators are educated and monitored by the Watamu Marine Association to keep the tours responsible and ensure the safety and welfare of the animals. The WMA also posts exciting updates on sightings on Facebook. Also see this great article on Kenya's "other" Great Migration.

Deep Sea Fishing

Watamu is Kenya's HQ for big game fishing, with many tournaments happening throughout the year. There is an enormous fleet of vessels to choose from for half day, full day or overnight outings with expert fishing guides. This is a fabulous opportunity to catch some of East Africa’s finest billfish such as marlin and sailfish, as well as wahoo, yellowfin, Grace felusi and barracuda. Note that we only support a ‘catch and release’ basis. Ocean Sports is the local HQ for deep-sea fishing queries. 

Sunset Dhow Cruises

Mida Creek is an lovely tidal inlet with enchanting sunset views, and the most enjoyable way to take it all in is on a Swahili sailboat known as a 'dhow'. Or if you're lucky enough to be here at full moon, the dhows head out to open water to watch it rise. A rather spectacular event. Bitings, cocktails and acoustic music are often provided, as well. Contact David or Romi at Mida Dhow.


Stand-Up Paddleboarding

SUP has finally arrived in Watamu, and the outfit running it, Tribe Watersports, is great. They have top-grade equipment and teachers available. Best during the Kaskazi (summer) monsoon when winds are down. SUP along the coastline or in mangrove rivers in Mida Creek. Really fun! 

Kite Surfing & Wind Surfing

As you'll see by the massive kites blowing by Heavenly every day, Watamu is becoming a Mecca for kite & wind surfers because of the two distinct trade winds that blow almost consistently throughout the year. Watamu is blessed to have wind nearly every day, making logging a lot of hours out on your boards a real possibility. Tribe Watersports has great kit & instruction and is just a few minutes' walk from Heavenly. Read here for more on why Kenya is a hotspot for kite surfers. And Tribe's lovely video shows Watamu waters at their best.

Exploring Tide Pools & Visiting Gray Moray Eels

A favorite activity at our end of Turtle Bay during low tide. The unique coral formations form dozens of tide pools that feature brittle stars, bright anenome, urchins, lion fish, starfish and many small fishes. However the piéce de resistance are the 12 hungry gray moray eels that live permanently under a large coral rock, who can be lured out from their hiding spots thanks to their weakness for crab. 

Adventuring on Sand Bars

Low tide, especially during Spring tides, brings out the sand bars right in front of Heavenly. It makes for a lovely long walk far out into the sea in gorgeously colored water, and you just may see some cool creatures along the way. Watch for the sand bar in the Heavenly video!

Water Skiing & Wake Boarding

Excellent skiing is available in the mangrove rivers off Mida Creek. But be in good form as hotshots abound!

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