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Watamu = "Home of the Sweet People"

"Home of the Sweet People" is what "Watamu" means in Swahili, but you'll find it's much, much more than friendly faces (of which there are many). Watamu is prized for its 5 km long powdery white sand beach (named the 2nd best beach in Africa by CNN Travel in 2012), warm coral-reefed lagoon exploding in a million shades of aqua, a rich tidal inlet rife with diversions, and its residential & relaxed atmosphere. Watamu has remained so pristine because it's actually a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a 229 square km National Marine Park—designated as a place of "natural excellence", and we couldn't agree more. 


CNN's coverage of Watamu continued in April 2014, click here to see the latest awesome story!

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