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Take a chill pill

Despite there being so much to do in Watamu, Heavenly encourages the sloth in us all. Many a napper has been spotted in the various lounge areas around the house. Here are your choices for hanging out. (Click on images to expand them.)

The Day Lounge

Right next to the pool and exposed to the breeze, a good place for wet swimsuits and kids' snacks and for playing games on the huge day bed. Where everyone finds themselves a good part of the day.


With 4 sun loungers & 2 umbrellas, hope you brought a good book!

The Evening Lounge

With a squishier sofa, a second sofa and 2 chaise lounges to put your feet up, the Evening Lounge can be protected from the breeze and offers a change of pace from the Day Lounge.

Under the Neem Tree

Aaah, prepare to nap. Enough said.

The East Roof

A huge U-shaped lounge overlooking the sea. And 2 sun loungers also await.

The West Roof

Sundowner Central. With a bar-height table & stools, a sofa & 2 club chairs, this is the place to say "Thanks for the day". 

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