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Dining areas at Heavenly

Heavenly has 3 distinct dining areas, plus a few more informal ones. Typically people choose to have breakfast & dinner in the main dining room and lunch by the pool under the neem tree. We typically feed the kids separately at their own hour & table. Other options include bitings on the roof & picnics on the beach. No rules here.

The main dining room: Grand and comfy. The main table seats 8 and can be expanded to seat 14. Click the photo for an evening shot.


The outside table: Ah, this neem tree. Heavenly's owner's most favorite tree in the world. Once you enjoy a leisurely meal under its shade you'll likely dream of this spot when back at home. Click through for more photos.

The covered al fresco table (often the kids table): It's true, it usually doesn't look like this, more often used as the kids table,  eventually covered with ketchup and mango juice. Outside. Where the mess belongs. But feel free to doll it up like it's pictured here. It's your house for the week.

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